Cable Wake Boarding in North Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is known for all of the fun water attractions we have. The beach, water parks and swimming pools are just a few of the fun places to splash around this time of year. Now, Shark Wake Park is bringing a whole new type of fun for you and your family to enjoy this summer.

Cable boarding, considered one of the newest additions to a long list of action sports, has made its way to North Myrtle Beach. It brings together the concept of wakeboarding but takes away the need for a boat. Instead, the boarder is pulled along by a series of ropes and cables which then allows for multiple boarders to ride at once. The cable board system allows for the boarder to make sharper turns and catch bigger ‘air’ rather than if they were being pulled behind a boat. This concept gained a lot of momentum over in Europe and now it is has taken hold in places like Florida and now North Myrtle Beach. It is especially popular because it takes some of the expense out of water sports by no longer needing a boat and also reduces the environmental impact that it may have.

Shark Wake Park, the name of North Myrtle Beach’s newest cable boarding attraction, was developed by three men who have a love and knowledge for the water. Greg Norman Jr., the main innovator and also the son of golfer Greg Norman, was looking for a way to expand water sports to a broader audience. His goal was to create a place where people with all types of water experience could come out and learn and enjoy themselves. The park requires zero experience, so it is open to anyone with an interest in learning how to cable board.

In just two short months, Mr. Norman’s dream of expanding the world of watersports came true. Shark Wake Park had its grand opening at the beginning of June. The grand opening featured a professional wakeboarding team and a demonstration of cable boarding by professionals. Shark Wake Park includes a five tower full size cable and a two tower cable system that will be longer than 3,200 feet, making it one of the easiest systems to learn on, but also allowing professionals and more advanced boarders to sharpen their skills. This system will be the tallest in the United States. It will also include multiple obstacles for more experienced boarders to take on.

The park rents out safety gear and equipment to those who don’t have any but they also allow you to bring your own. The staff is available to give one-on-one lessons for those who are unfamiliar with the gear and the system. The park passes are available for purchase at two hour, four hour, and all day rates along with monthly, six month, and annual passes. It is free just to simply enter the park and take advantage of the viewing deck which provides an awesome view to watch the professionals practice! The park is open daily from 10 AM to dusk and you must be 10 years or older to participate.

Shark Wake Park is located at the North Myrtle Beach Sports and Recreational Complex. It sits on a 25 acre lake, and on top of cable boarding includes: a pro-shop, wake surf school, and “Shark Shack” which will sell beer, food, and refreshments.

The development of Shark Wake Park doesn’t just stop here. In 2017, the park plans to add an ‘Aqua Park’ that will be open for all ages. It includes an obstacle course and playground that will float on top of the lake. The park is expected to be a great addition to the North Myrtle Beach area.

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