Discover Hidden Treasures at The Farmer’s Market

One of the things people look forward to when coming to Myrtle Beach on vacation is the shopping. Whether it’s finding deals at the outlets, picking up a shark tooth necklace at a beachwear store, or a personalized airbrush shirt at Broadway at the Beach to remember the vacation, there is something exciting about discovering trinkets at the beach. It’s like a treasure hunt throughout the week! Going home with the perfectimg_2366 souvenir is important. Not only does it hold stories, but it’s also a simple reminder of your adventures while exploring and experiencing Myrtle Beach. Although one can always find a shell while combing through the sand, the beach also offers another place to discover a “pearl” – the Farmer’s Market on DeVille Street at The Market Common.

The Farmer’s Market at The Market Common is a quaint gathering of local area farmers and artisans selling “fruits of their labors” to locals and vacationers alike. But this farmers market is more than just fruits and vegetables! Tents line the streets, holding treasures crafted with sweat and love, just waiting to be stumbled upon. One can tell each of the vendors takes pride in their work and are very welcoming, more than happy to answer questions about their craft and products being sold.

The Farmer’s Market is held every Saturday from June 4th through September 24th from 10 am to 3 pm and is a sea of sights and smells, from the beautiful colors of the locally fresh seasonal produce to the smells of cinnamon from the baked treats. So much to see and comb through, from handmade pottery and img_2369-1tie-dyed clothing, to artisan soaps and lots of homemade baked goodies. One tent even sells baked organic dog treats – the perfect place to pick up a souvenir for your furry loved one you hated to leave at home.

The tent featuring handcrafted jewelry is one that is creating some buzz. It isn’t just the typical run-of-the-mill beaded necklaces and bracelets; this jewelry is created from items the jeweler has discovered in nature. She does have “beach-y” jewelry made from seashells, but the most interesting are those made from leather, butterfly wing, dried flowers and pistachio shells. She tells of how she finds these treasures and creates them into necklaces, earrings and rings. One can hear the excitement in her voice as she is describing the process of drying out the flowers for her bamboo rings. She is even selling earrings made from dried squash! Now there is a different spin on the fresh vegetables you expect to find at the farmer’s market!

So whether you’re looking for a quirky souvenir for yourself or a loved one, the Farmer’s Market at The Market Common is definitely a great place to check out. Grab a cup of coffee before you leave your favorite Brittain Resort or Hotel and escape the crowded stuffy stores at the mall and trade it for perusing the local crafts in the fresh salt air. The farmer’s market is in a perfect location at The Market Common, central to many stores and restaurants. So once you’ve found the perfect handcrafted souvenir, you can continue to browse other shops or grab a bite to eat at one of their restaurants. Be sure to add The Farmer’s Market at The Market Common to your must see list for this Saturday September 24th, and check out all it has to offer before all those treasures wash away with the tide.

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