How Do I Know if North Beach Resort and Villas is Right For Me?

Outstanding service levels, unique, resort-style amenities and an elevated guest experience really make North Beach Resort & Villas stand out as a top-notch property. It’s so unwaveringly pleasing that it consistently claims top spots on TripAdvisor lists — a bragging right that the property has maintained for over six years. Without a doubt, people return to North Beach Resort & Villas again and again as guests, but what makes it such a special place to work? Read ahead to find out more.


“The level of pride throughout the whole team is unique,” explains the property’s general manager, Adam Townsend. “Everyone feels proud to be associated with such a fantastic property, and that translates to the daily work.”

In addition to being committed to a job well done, the team members at Brittain Resorts & Hotels enjoy a sense of purpose and upward mobility.

“Brittain Resorts & Hotels strongly believes in cultivating great leaders from within their own teams, and are willing to give hard workers every opportunity to grow,” says Adam.

And the reason why is clear: Brittain Resorts & Hotels hires for the long haul.

“If you’re someone who is service-oriented, you have a real opportunity to grow with Brittain Resorts & Hotels,” says Adam. “And I don’t just mean a job — you can build a real career with the best resort and hotel company. Personally, I started out answering phone calls and have slowly but surely worked my way up over the last eight years — and now I manage the crown jewel of the Brittain properties.”



Adam explains that when the time comes to grow the team, it’s not just previous experience or charisma that is considered.

“As leaders in the hospitality industry, we look for team members who are incredibly service-focused. We want people who are happy to help, who are excited to create an outstanding guest experience — because a team dedicated to incredible customer service is what sets us apart from the competition,” he says. “It is the most important element of this entire operation.

Senior Director of Operations Steve Jones, who has been with North Beach Resort & Villas since the resort was newly constructed in 2009, couldn’t agree more.

“This is by far the best company I have ever worked for,” he says. “We are people people, if that makes sense. We truly believe in people, and we do all we can to help a team member grow to the next level. This company has always been committed to promoting from within.”

“Yes, that’s true,” agrees Adam. “As a matter of practice and culture, we always vet internal candidates looking to advance or change positions first before hiring external candidates. If you can get in on that ground floor, you have the best advantage to move up within the company.”



Undoubtedly, you can’t have such high ratings without having a well-equipped and well-trained team. Beyond their work competencies, the team members have compassionate hearts that align with Brittain Resorts & Hotels’ dedication to giving back. The company is involved in a number of charitable organizations, and the associates participate by giving both energy and donations. For example, they helped raise $15,000 for the American Heart Association with a fundraiser walk. And each year, a friendly competition ignites between the Brittain Resorts & Hotels properties over who can bring in the most canned food. Last year, this resulted in over 3,000 pounds of canned goods donated to Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach.

“Brittain Resorts & Hotels is very involved in local schools,” says Adam. “In fact, I now sit on a board at Coastal Carolina University to help develop the best, most practical education and opportunities for students in the hospitality program.”

“Not to mention the company helped build two local Habitat for Humanity houses,” adds Steve. “As a whole, Brittain Resorts & Hotels stresses giving back to the local community. It’s just what we do.”



Obviously, top-tier talent and customer service rank as the highest priorities at North Beach Resort & Villas. On a more tangible level, there are 337 one- to seven-bedroom units in the towers alone, as well as a range of one- to five-bedroom cottages. With a two-and-a-half acre pool deck, swim-up bar, lazy river and other oceanfront water amenities, the water features alone set North Beach Resort & Villas apart, but it doesn’t end there.

“There’s just truly nothing like it on the Grand Strand. Or beyond it, for that matter,” says Steve.

North Beach Resort & Villas is totally self-contained, meaning that a guest doesn’t really need to leave the property if they don’t want to. It’s conveniently located right across the highway from Barefoot Landing — which is full of amusement and dining options — should a guest want to explore what that area has to offer. But if guests don’t want to venture beyond the grounds, they have everything they need right on the property.

Adam agrees that this factor contributes to the guests’ ability to relax and unwind, versus worrying about planning and logistics while on vacation.

“From waking up and strolling on the beach with coffee in hand, to sipping on a piña colada without ever having to leave the pool, to savoring a nice dinner at 21 Main Prime Steakhouse — the guest experience is just so seamless here,” says Adam. “We have Cinzia Spa on-site, gorgeous wedding venues and so much more — and it’s all right here.”

Before too long, North Beach Resort & Villas will have even more to offer guests. There are development plans underway that will add additional units and amenities such as a mini-mart, a new coffee shop, a beachwear store and more.

“Guests can come stay here and have everything they need within reach,” says Steve.

Want to get in on the growth? See the full lineup of available positions by visiting our Careers page!

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