Painting a Masterpiece at Harry The Potter

There is a place in Myrtle Beach where you can go and discover your inner artist. This place is Harry The Potter, a pottery store where you can unleash your creativity and paint your own piece of pottery. Age is not a factor – this place is perfect for families or a group of friends looking for a fun and unique indoor activity. And unlike most souvenirs you buy while on vacation in Myrtle Beach, this one will have a personalized touch.pottery2

When you enter Harry the Potter, Lady, the cute little shop dog whose job is to welcome guests, immediately runs up to greet you. Rose is right behind her, inviting you into her world where there is no limit to creativity where paint and pottery collide. Rose is the owner of Harry The Potter and she is very cheerful and helpful, quick to explain how everything works. The store has rows of shelves, stocked full of figurines, picture frames, cups, plates, and more, all of them chalk white – just waiting to be brought to life by the stroke of a paintbrush.


With so many options of things to paint, it’s hard to select just one. Rose says people love painting picture frames because kids and adults alike enjoy painting something they can put their photographs in from their vacation. She says the beach-themed figurines are also popular, including seahorses, mermaids, and sharks. Some of the pieces even have a cord attached so you can plug them in and turn them into a lamp. There are over 1,000 unique, ever-changing pottery pieces to choose from, so you never run out of options of pieces to paint.

The room is filled with tables to work on, with a ceramic vase full of paintbrushes decorating the middle. The vase is covered in colorful squares that are the color options they have available, a guide to help you select the colors you wish to paint your clay piece. They have so many to choose from, this can easily become one of the toughest parts of the process. They even have an extra square tile accompanying the vase with tiny squares of additional colors, including ones that have speckles and glitter. These unique color options are perfect for those looking to add a little extra pizazz outside the normal color palette. And you are not limited to just paint when designing your piece. There is an area called the “Customer Center” that includes pencils, stencils, sponges, puff paint, and more, giving you more ways to personalize your piece.


Once you select the six colors you want to paint with, Rose explains the simple painting process. The paint is thin, comparable to watercolor, and when added to the pottery it leaves a chalky consistency. Layering is important, and don’t worry she says, if you get any on your clothes (art is supposed to be messy), it will easily wash off. There are lots of brushes to choose from, giving you freedom when adding paint to your pottery. And if all those brush strokes cause your stomach to rumble, there is popcorn and drinks available for purchase.

When you pay for your piece and leave it with Rose, don’t be disappointed that the colors are flat and somewhat dull. The real magic happens behind the scenes when you aren’t watching. Between the firing of the kiln and layer of glaze, your piece of pottery will wondrously be brought to life. When you arrive to pick up your piece a few days later, the colors on your piece will be so vibrant, you may not even recognize the piece of pottery you painted.

At Harry The Potter, you’re not only painting a masterpiece, but you’re also creating memories with family and friends. So next time you are on vacation in Myrtle Beach with Brittain Resorts & Hotels, be sure to stop by Harry the Potter for a unique experience where everyone can be Picasso for a day. All the tools are supplied so all you need to remember to pack is your imagination!

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