Top 8 Beach Activities for Your Myrtle Beach Vacay

The Myrtle Beach coastline is comprised of ample amounts of pristine beach and sparkling blue water to provide endless hours of entertainment. But if you’re planning your vacation for more than a weekend, you may want to bring along some other forms of entertainment. Here are some ideas of games and activities to try when you’re hitting the beach this season.

Throwing balls at a target is one of the oldest games known to mankind. It’s no surprise that bocce ball, a game that consists of throwing colored balls and a smaller white ball, is a popular game to play at the beach. The terrain creates various levels of difficulty. Throwing it in the soft sand versus the hard sand can make the game more challenging. Another classic beach game is paddle ball, where players attempt to hit a small rubber ball back and forth using wooden paddles – keeping it in motion for as long as they can.

If you have a large group, beach volleyball is a great group activity. Divide up in teams and try to make the ball hit the sand on the opponent’s side of the court, all the while preventing it from hitting the ground on your side of the court. After you serve to your opponent, once the ball comes back over the net you a maximum of 3 hits before hitting it back over the net. The first team to reach 15 points wins. If you don’t have your own ball and net, you can play on the oceanfront sand court at Ocean Reef Resort.

Some beach games that have gained recent popularity are ladder toss and spike ball. Ladder toss involves players having a 3-rung plastic ladder set up a few yards apart. Similar to horseshoe, the player on one side must toss a rope with two balls, known as a bola, towards the ladder on the opponent’s side, in attempt to wrap it around one of the rungs of the ladder. Each rung counts for a percentage of points, with the top rung being worth the highest amount. The first player to score 21 points exactly wins. Spike ball is one of the newest games to hit the beach, gaining popularity from it’s appearance on Shark Tank. Spike Ball revolves around a mini trampoline-style. Divide your group into teams of two and take turns spiking the ball at the net as hard as possible so that your opponent can’t get it or spike it back. This fast-paced game is one of skill and strategy and will keep your crew busy for hours.

One of the best forms of entertainment (beside boogie boarding and surfing of course) the ocean provides is shore fishing. Whether you’ve got a bucket full of bait and are casting your line in attempt to catch some big fish, or your kid is simply using a tiny net to catch the small fish that skim along the shore – this is a relaxing activity good for all ages.

Myrtle Beach has Huntington Beach State Park, Cherry Grove Inlet and Murrells Inlet that are perfect spots to go crabbing. The calm waters in the marsh areas are protected and all you need is a bucket with a lid, a net, some sturdy string, and some raw chicken legs. Simply tie the rope around the chicken and toss it a few yards into the water – not too far, but far enough so where you can’t see the chicken and the crab can’t see you. Once you feel a few tugs, very slowly pull the string in and get ready to catch crab with the net while it’s distracted. But you have to be quick! This is a great family activity!

The last activity, kite flying, is one that is a timeless activity that gives adults the sense of nostalgia and the kids entertainment. One of the most popular styles that’s perfect for beginners is the delta kite. This style is easy to launch and flies on even the lightest of breezes – which is good since the wind at the beach is inconsistent. From kites with popular Disney characters to colorful ones, there are plenty of different types to select from and plenty of kite shops at the beach to find one.

Whether you’re a beach lounger or someone that can’t sit still – these games and activities will provide endless hours of entertainment for your next Myrtle Beach vacation with Brittain Resorts & Hotels.

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