Brittain Resorts and Hotels' Community Engagement Council

Brittain Resorts & Hotels strives to give back to the community through involvement in community projects and contributions to local charities. Our passion for building up the community was instilled by the founding Brittain Family in 1943 and is fueled by team members’ desire to make a positive impact today. The creation of the Community Engagement  Council in 2022 encapsulates this drive to make a difference and contributes to the betterment of  our community through the successful completion of numerous service projects and charity  events.

For their inaugural year, the Community Engagement Council organized and enacted events for  the Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach, Habitat for Humanity, and Toys for Tots. They also  participated in a post-hurricane beach cleanup, curated a workplace fundraising event for  military care boxes, and instituted an online communications portal providing associates direct  access to local nonprofit organizations. 

Creating the Community Engagement Council was a collective effort by the 2022 members,  including Irene Batten, Melissa Bilka, Denise Clarke, Lauren Doran, Carlie Fletcher, Kristen  Habesland, Alisha Margulies, Sydney Martin, Candace Protzman, and Matthew Young. The  council’s mission statement, “we are organizing and communicating volunteer opportunities  within our local community,” guides their endeavors. 

Service excellence and teamwork are two of Brittain Resorts & Hotels’ core values. The values  enacted in our hospitality management and workplace environment swiftly translated to community involvement as members of the Community Engagement Council assembled 233  emergency food kits distributed to neighbors in need through Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach.

Council members also volunteered at three separate Habitat for Humanity Build events in May,  June, and November of 2022. Volunteers installed siding, gutters, flooring, and outdoor items in  May and June as part of the home-building process. Council members painted a home  approaching completion in November, assisting with the final stages of the Habitat project.

The Community Engagement Council fostered positive relations in the workplace while  contributing to the local community through Pie Your Manager, a bonding event that raised $682  for military care boxes to be shipped overseas as a token of appreciation for those who serve and  protect us. The council once again combined bonding with charity fundraising through the  corporate Christmas party, where members collected several boxes of toys for Toys for Tots. 

Environmental efforts were the focus of the Community Engagement Council as members  dispersed across our coastline and led a beach cleanup first in July, and again after Hurricane  Ian. Beach cleanups help fight ocean pollution, protect local wildlife, and keep Myrtle Beach  beautiful for locals and guests to enjoy. 

The inaugural year of Brittain Resorts & Hotels’ Community Engagement Council was marked  by the completion of numerous successful community projects and charity events. We appreciate 

the council’s efforts and congratulate them on their achievements as they begin preparations for  2023. 

Brittain Resorts & Hotels promotes stewardship, service excellence, integrity, and teamwork that  cultivates family in the workplace and the community. Follow our company volunteer events on  Facebook and LinkedIn, and visit the giving back page for more information on local charities  and community organizations to get involved and make a difference in Myrtle Beach!

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