Built with a strong corporate support system, and an experienced, entrepreneurial team on each property, Brittain Resorts & Hotels approaches all aspects of hotel and resort operations with an established culture of excellence and results-driven and measured performance. With streamlined and sophisticated training processes, bench-marked and proven standard operating procedures, collaboration across all disciplines, and an intrinsic passion for the guest experience, we deliver on what it is we desire ourselves.

Project & Facility


  • Capex Projects, Budgeting and Planning
  • Lifecycle Renovations and Annual Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • FF&E/OS&E Purchasing Including Dedicated Purchasing Team Combined with GPO for Buying Power
  • Supervision of Profit and Loss Statements Focused on Maximizing Top Line, Operating Efficiency and Margin Improvement
  • Dedicated Analytics Team to Support Property Operations
  • Business Intelligence Central Reporting Platform
Operations - Project Facility Management
Operations - Guest Experience

Guest Experience


  • Secret Shops, Inspections and Routine Property Visits from the Corporate Team
  • Sanitation and Health Accountability
  • Service Protocol Compliance and Loss Prevention
  • Curated Amenity Services and Programming
  • Risk Management – General Liability, Workers Compensation, and OSHA Compliance
  • Technology Solutions to Maximize Operational and Technical Deficiencies and Enhance Guest Service
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Online Reputation Monitoring and Engagement

Food & Beverage


  • Concept & Brand Identity Creation
  • Digital Asset Management
  • POS/Seating Software Consultation, Implementation, and Installment
  • Purchase Analyzation, Menu Costing & Inventory Controls
  • Industry Regulations Compliance
  • Training Programs and Certifications
  • Full Sales & Marketing Plans Customized to the Restaurant and for the Needs of the Specific Outlet
Operations - Food & Beverage
Operations - Owner Relations

Owner Relations


  • Transparent Reporting and Communication with Our Clients
  • Team of Homeowner Representatives Dedicated to Homeowner Relations
  • On-Premise/Off-Premise Rental Management Experts
  • Sales Driven Business Development Managers Focused on Acquisition of Additional Units
  • Homeowner Online Portal with Property Management System Integration
  • Online Homeowner Accounting and Statement Management
  • HOA Board Expertise and HOA Management Partnerships

Information Tech


  • Systems Analysis & Procurement
  • Database Segmentation
  • POS and PMS Management
  • IP Safeguards & Data Governance
  • Network and Cyber Security
  • Cloud Integration and Migration
  • IT Project & Vendor Management
  • IT Budgeting and Cost Control
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
Operations - Info Technology



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