Management Team

With decades of experience in all facets of hospitality, across all major brands, our team at Brittain Resorts & Hotels is fortified with a unique blend of capabilities, resources, and relationships. While many hotel management companies are designed to be very thin within the corporate team and place the burden of expertise and expense on the hotels’ themselves, Brittain Resorts & Hotels has built an internal team with deep experience in each discipline of hospitality.

Human Resources
Food & Beverage

Clay Brittain, III

Chairman Of The Board

Matthew Brittain

Chief Executive Officer

Patty Falkowski

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Bastas

Executive Vice President

Matthew MaGee

Lead Counsel

Patrick Norton

Chief Marketing Officer

Kris Kuball

Chief Operating Officer

Melissa Bilka

Vice President of Team Member Services

Terry Lavey

Vice President of Operations

Rebecca Smith

Vice President of Operations

Brian Miller

Vice President of Sales

Chris Ellison

Vice President of Revenue

Carlie Fletcher

Vice President of Marketing

Adam Townsend

Vice President of Homeowner Relations

Steve Jones

Senior Director of Operations - Florida

Jeff Wood

Senior Director of Operations

Jeremy Slone

Director of Technology

Jason Morgan

Task Force Director of Operations

Josh Roy

Corporate Director of Homeowner Relations

Brian White

Director of Loss Prevention & Claims

Jerome Orr

Brightworks General Manager

Nicole Middleton

Assistant Director of Revenue

Tom Emmert

Revenue Manager

Laura George

Revenue Manager

ZoË Jam

Revenue Manager

Melinda James

Revenue Manager

Madeline Campbell

Revenue Analyst

Yuval Tabib

Revenue Analyst

Sarah Gerlach

Senior Brand Manager

Matt Chmilewski

Digital Marketing Manager

Chloe Ketterer

Social Media Manager

Michael Daniel

Videographer & Photographer

Jasmine Chestnut

Database Manager

Carly Hilton

Social Media Coordinator

Lexi Stasiak

Graphic Designer

Jordyn Kelly

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Hannah Wiesner

Executive Assistant

Amanda Szubert

Associate Director of Sales

Kristine McBride

Director of Reservations

Victoria Ledwich

CRO Accounting Manager
Distribution Team Director

Robin Caruana

Regional Group Sales Manager

Brooke Miller

Regional Group Sales Manager

Brittany Park

Director of Team Member Services

Sydney Martin

Team Member Services Coordinator

Olivia Barbeau

Talent Acquisition Manager

Paige Harris

Recruiting Specialist

Janeen Boone

Recruiting Specialist

Chelsea Tuazon

Assistant Controller

Cole Rateliff

Senior Data Analyst

Janice Brantly

Senior Accounting Specialist

Melody Harless

Senior Staff Accountant

Laura Norton

Senior Staff Accountant

Laura Feghali

Financial Accounting Supervisor

Shelly Etheridge

Staff Accountant

Kevin Meadows

Staff Accountant

Gabriel Castillo

Staff Accountant

Richlynn Knox

Accounts Payable Clerk

Teresa Ettenger

Accounts Payable Clerk

David Crone

Vice President of Food & Beverage

Marissa Bazinet

Corporate Director of Food & Beverage Systems and Training

Jill Brennan

Area Director of Starbucks™