bringing the pieces together

Brittain Resorts & Hotels is a brand. The roots of the brand go back more than 40 years and three generations in Myrtle Beach. The foundation was laid long before the company was formed with roots beginning in the 1930’s at the historic Chesterfield Inn in the heart of Myrtle Beach, S.C. The entire Brittain family worked as a team doing everything from making beds to washing dishes on the busy weekend nights while honing the every changing marketing and guest satisfaction skills paramount to establishing a robust repeat business base.


Good Controls and Cash Management.

  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Risk Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • P&L Reporting
  • Benefits Administration
  • Deposit Proofing
  • Daily Revenue/Expense Controls

IT Department

System for Accounting, revenue collection, and tools to better control labor.

  • IQware System
  • DataVision
  • Time Clocks
  • Guest Internet
  • Telephone Contracts
  • Guest Surveys


Brittain Resorts & Hotels is able to leverage buying volume to take advantage of free shipping on many items we order, as well as, rebates. We recognize the ability to price bust on any one item however with a holistic approach we consider shipping, rebates/discounts, and item cost into the overall real cost.

Homeowner Relations

Daily involvement is a critical part of our success in having over a 90% retention of all our owners who sign up on our program. We are business partners and go beyond the daily renting, cleaning, and maintaining, to looking farther into the future and planning.

Property Managers

Daily involvement is critical to all successful business ventures. We understand and recognize no one person can do it all and while we practice and encourage the entrepreneurial mentality, we also recognize that we must trust but verify to ensure our managers are walking the walk. More than one set of eyes are checking your unit: Housekeeping, Maintenance, Homeowner Services and Property Managers.