Driving Direct Business: The Brittain Resorts & Hotels Difference

Written by Patrick Norton, Chief Marketing Officer

In an industry often dominated by high-margin online travel agencies (OTAs), Brittain Resorts & Hotels (BRH) stands out with our remarkable ability to drive direct bookings. While typical hotels rely on OTAs for a significant percentage of bookings, BRH takes a different approach, generating 85% of our business directly through internal sales and marketing efforts. This strategic shift in favor of direct bookings has had a profound impact on its bottom line.

Profitability and NOI: The Direct Booking Advantage

The difference between relying on OTAs and driving direct bookings goes beyond mere distribution channels; it directly impacts the hotel’s profitability and net operating income (NOI). Constantly relying on OTAs means hotels are shelling out hefty commission fees, ranging from 15% to 25%, per reservation. In contrast, leveraging direct bookings allows us to retain a larger portion of our revenue, as the costs associated with remarketing to loyal guests are significantly lower compared to OTA commissions. This translates into higher profitability and NOI for BRH and our partners, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

What Sets BRH Apart: A Multi-Tiered Approach to Direct Bookings

So, what exactly does BRH do differently to drive such high volumes of direct bookings? The answer lies in a multi-tiered approach, which combines data-driven strategies with innovative marketing techniques. 

At its core is a relentless focus on consumer data mining to deliver tailored personal experiences to guests. By understanding guests’ preferences and behaviors, BRH can create targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with the audience and drive conversions. This high level of engagement drives over $250,000,000 annually in sales.

Moreover, BRH adopts an omnichannel approach to increase conversion opportunities across various touchpoints. This includes the effective utilization of over 100 marketing channels, including social media, SEO, and guest history marketing. The philosophy of seamlessly integrating digital marketing with traditional tactics creates a cohesive brand experience for guests, generating over 10,000,000 web visits and over 1,000,000 customer calls annually.  

One of our secrets lies in its sophisticated technology stack, with business intelligence and data at its core. Our customer data platform (CDP) serves as the central hub for all guest information, allowing BRH to plug in virtually any system and create a customized tech stack tailored to each hotel’s unique needs.

Our remarkable success in driving direct bookings stems from its strategic approach to sales and marketing. By prioritizing direct channels, leveraging consumer data, and adopting an omnichannel strategy, BRH has flipped the script on OTA contribution, resulting in more profit for our partners.

Brittain Resorts & Hotels (BRH) is a full-service hospitality management company providing multi-layered expertise in all disciplines of hotel and resort operations. Since 1943, BRH has been enriching the lives of its team members, guests, partners, and the communities they serve by providing exceptional guest experiences, a supportive work environment, and superior returns. With over 4,000 rooms, suites, and condos in the portfolio, the company currently operates 20 hotels and resorts and 40+ restaurants & bars within the United States.

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