Serving Lattes and the Community

“To inspire and nurture the human spirit” is more than just Starbucks’ mission statement, it is the foundation from which the company was built and continues to thrive. Lisa Kyser, who began her journey with Starbucks as a barista embodies that mission. From serving guests a cup of their favorite bodacious brew to serving the community, Lisa has a true servant’s heart. That heart beats with a desire to make a difference, “One person, one cup, one neighborhood at a time.” 

In recognition of Lisa’s hard work and dedication to both Starbucks, fellow employees and her customers, Lisa Keyser was recently promoted to Creative Director at the Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort’s Starbucks. Responsible for cultivating a unique environment, Lisa shares with the excitement recognized by her peers, “I analyze different trends by keeping connected on multiple Starbucks social media platforms and then develop interactive ideas for each store. My main goal is to create ways to connect with our customers while also benefiting our community, all while bettering our store, she details. 

Lisa worked her way through the ranks at Starbucks the good ole fashioned way, which includes the hard work one would expect. Additionally, her passion for doing good and making a difference fueled efforts to put her passion to work in the community. In 2019, Keyser and her Starbucks team hit the ground running – literally. They participated in the American Heart Association walk fundraiser, along with the rest of the Brittain company. During Veteran’s Day, offering a free tall drip coffee to their customers who had served – a tradition Lisa says they plan to continue every year. In October, Lisa and her team also organized a drive to collect socks to donate to local schools under the guise of “Socktober”. “I like to incorporate a twist of fun when thinking of ways to give back. It keeps both the customers and my teammates engaged, she explains.”

Up next on Lisa’s mission is to create a way to give back to our troops by way of creating cards for Starbucks customers to fill out while fueling up. After that, she and her team plan to tackle the hunger epidemic through a Backpack Buddies/Help4Kidz charity drive to raise funds and supplies for local school-aged children who lack the proper necessities to thrive in school.

Lisa proudly admits that her charitable nature was instilled in her at a young age. “I grew up watching my parents give back and they still do it to this day.” Now, she hopes that her efforts will spark the same charitable nature in someone else. “There are so many local charities that you can be a part of, my advice is to pick something near to your heart. It doesn’t have to be something big, start small. But the most important thing is to just start!

“Socktober” Donations