Author: Chloe Ketterer

Navigating the Future of Hotel Investment: The Bleisure Boom and Our In-House Marketing Edge

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, a new trend is reshaping the way we think about hotel investment: the rise of bleisure travel. This blend of business and leisure has become a focal point for investors, particularly as the market dynamics shift from traditional leisure or city-center hotels to properties that can capture and cater to this hybrid demand.

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Brittain Resorts & Hotels Celebrates Zoë Jam’s Achievement in Hotel Management’s Prestigious “Thirty Under 30” Award

Brittain Resorts & Hotels proudly announces that Zoë Jam, our esteemed Revenue Manager, has been honored with a place on Hotel Management’s acclaimed “Thirty Under 30” list for 2023. This prestigious recognition is a testament to Zoë’s exceptional contributions to the hospitality industry and underscores our commitment to nurturing young talent.

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Matthew Brittain: From Family Anecdotes to the Helm of a Legacy

Matthew’s family story in Myrtle Beach began with his great-uncle, Steve. He first ventured to the area in 1905 on vacation with his family, only to find the house they were meant to stay in was quarantined for tuberculosis. This resulted in the family bunking in their covered wagon. Myrtle Beach at this time was far from the bustling vacation destination it is today.

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